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Email etiquette every professional should follow

There are many ways of communication, verbal communication, telephonic conversation, exchange of letters, etc. The most prominent one that is in use in almost every small, big or medium organization is communication through emails. Why email?


5 effective ways to build coworker relationships

Building a healthy relation with your coworkers will not only make you more likable, but help in having a successful career as well. Especially if you are in a business process outsourcing company, your presence of mind and conduct sums up to make your profile much stronger.


Could India become the hub of knowledge process outsourcing

Hub of knowledge process outsourcing in India

The phenomenon of outsourcing can be traced back in the 1980’s, but the actual rise of this sector happened in the 1990’s when the government finally loses its end to allow the outsourcing companies to do business with foreign entities. Firms who are established in developed countries started to outsource various kinds of work such as administrative, customer support, data processing etc, to Indian BPO Companies.


How technology enabled BPO help business process?

BPO expanded as business process outsourcing is a service which companies provide to take care of business of the client party. The service provider takes responsibility of running the business on behalf of their client.


How to improve customer experience in an outsourcing company?

If you are running a business process outsourcing company, customer experience becomes an important aspect of your business. In outsourcing business, customer review is what decides the company’s fate and reputation. Organizations that guarantee incredible customer support tends to attract an expansive base of customers and remains on the good book of people. If you are not able to offer customer satisfaction in an outsourcing business, the word of mistreatment, delay in work, bad quality service will spread like fire and gradually your business will drop.