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Why Outsource to India

Tenet systems - outsourcing destination in India

With time India has emerged as the world’s hottest destination for outsourcing. It is the outsourcing hotspot of a number of IT and ITES services. India is recognized as one of the few outsourcing locations who offer several advantages and for that reason you “Outsource to India”.


why outsource to India


Listed few reasons below


1. High Quality Services :


In India, there is no compromise to quality. Indians use the latest software, technology and infrastructure. They are technically superior to IT professionals of other countries. Indian IT professionals are highly educated, have English proficiency and are talented technically.


2. Advantage of Unique Time Zone:


We all know that time is money. Companies can take on more projects if they do 24/7 services. Customers become happy as they can interact with the companies and avail their services on a 24/7 basis. The Indian time zone is ahead of GMT by 5.5 hours and ahead of the EST by 10.5 hours. So, the companies can take up more projects.


3. Stable Government:


Government of India is stable. The IT sector enjoys top priority. That’s why India has set up an IT ministry. This ministry quickly approves the IT projects implementation. Several top quality hi-tech IT parks are established in India over the past 10 years. The government of India has allowed 100% foreign equity.


4. Low Cost Services / Flexibility in Pricing :

The labor cost of America is higher than other countries. But while outsourcing in India, the cost of labor can be drastically cut down. If your company is not able to pay high salaries then you can avail the advantage of outsourcing to India due to its pricing flexibility.


The labor cost in India is much lower. The primary advantage of outsourcing to India is that the services are of very low cost. Although the labor cost is low but the level of quality is not compromised. Highest number of ISO-9000 and SEI-CMM level software companies can be found in India.


5. Outsourcing To India is Easy:


Outsourcing to India is very easy. You can find very easily any reliable Indian service provider and even sign a contract of outsourcing. Always ensure that you can outsource what you can handle.


6. Appropriate Staff:

By outsourcing to India you can determine the appropriate staff levels. You can maintain your business needs to about 80% by hiring a core team. You can add bandwidth to your team by outsourcing in case your business activity increases.


This are the reasons of companies choosing India for Outsourcing, So what are you waiting for choose Tenet Systems as your outsourcing partner.