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Change can really shake up a whole organization

A human resource manager is the person, who plays a crucial role to help bind together the office and its employees. Thus, it is very important not to lose the cool and handle such drastic changes peacefully, both benefiting the organization and the employees.

A change is desired to seek some improvement in the organization. An HR plays a pivotal role in order to make the change adaptable.
TenetSystems-BPO-India Let’s see what HR should do to keep up the momentum: Keep clear communication- Low level communication brings about disaster in an organization. A study has found out that due to poor communication potential clients often turn down lucrative offers which directly affect an organization’s structure.

When any change is adopted, every worker should be aware of the changes. A proper communication session should be held so that no single person remains under any wrong influence. The human resource team should clear every doubt an employee has regarding the changes made in the organization. Not only that, they must be well aware of the objectives and the reason why the changes were made, what benefit they can get, how the organization in whole will be benefited.
Each and every employee should be taught regarding their individual duties. Any misconception may lead to confusion in the work process, which is definitely not desired by the senior management team. Thus, an HR should brief everyone about their roles and mission of the organization.

Work culture- Change also brings in some negativity in the work environment. To clear off the negative air, employees and management should maintain proper communication. Organization owner must be well aware how their employees feel about their position, about the work culture. They form the core part of any organization. A number of well-known companies follow a weekly or monthly routine of face to face conversation with employees to learn about their experiences and clear doubts.

Do not cut the best employees- Often when a company proposes a change, some employees tend to leave the company as they couldn’t adjust to the new changes. It is the charisma of an HR who wins to hold back the best employees those who feel insecure with the additional changes. It is the duty of the human resource department to understand the feelings of each employee. And especially during the time of changes, employees seem to be in a very sensitive mood, an HR should be taking care of the situation lightly so that the employee does not get stressed and get adapted to the situation quite easily.