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Cloud based software to dominate the outsourcing process in India

The basic qualification to join the BPO sector is class XII, and graduation for the higher level. An average 21 years old young boys and girls become eligible to bag a job and take home good perks and live a good lifestyle. The availability of employees at low working wages is the sole reason why business giants are willing to invest in the BPO sector in India. Around 2.8 million people work in the BPO industry which generates about $11billion business which is approximately 1% of the GDP.

India may be regarded as the hub of business process outsourcing, but recently Philippines and European countries are eating up its share and if the trend continues for long, India will face a serious drop down in foreign exchange revenue.

The fact on which Indian BPO companies should work upon is the quality of service and cost of operation that is becoming higher day by day. “There is a need to reduce costs and make operations leaner across the BPO industry. BPO companies could reduce the total operating costs by 20-30 per cent by moving to a low-cost city within India and using better technology, which will result in a cost differential upwards of 20 per cent for voice processes”, said D S Rawat, secretary-general, ASSOCHAM.

To counter the problem, cloud based systems are now adopted. They are not only convenient, but very cost effective as well. The number of cloud based software clients is increasing day by day. Realizing its benefits a number of companies are building such software.

These clouds based software are popular in domestic as well as international market, the business involves around $4.15 billion and increasing at a rate of 10-20% percent each year.One such cloud based software is tentacle. It is a very user friendly software which allows one to work from home. Even managers can access it from anywhere, upload calling lists and assign task to the callers. This easy to use software will reduce the cost of operations to a greater level and help India to be at the top position.

Business process outsourcing is basically an association between the service provider and the outsourcing company.