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How to improve customer experience in an outsourcing company?

To make sure the primary focus of your business which is obtaining maximum customer satisfaction, one needs to follow certain rules and principles. Only then a business process outsourcing company stands a chance in this competitive market.

improve customer experience in BPO

Recruit the best person

Looking at the resume will give you the overall knowledge of the candidate’s academic qualification. What you need to judge in the customer service business is how good is their communicative skills. To be on top in the client service industry, being a people’s person is certainly an advantage. It will be right to say that every uttered word brings money to the organization.

A Person who can handle the frustration and anger of the client in a cool way, or with whom clients would feel at ease to talk with is the person you should hire. Often qualification surpasses personality and charm so think hard before recruiting candidates who will be responsible for client handling.

Make use of social media

Social media is just not for chatting with friends and sharing your photos and status. Social media can be an effective tool for building relationship with your customers if used in a proper way. Hire a social media expert who knows every trick and turn to use the social network to churn out more profits. In fact the chances of conversion are likely to be very high through popular social network pages. An outsourcing company in India should be active on the social front to keep the foreign customers updated about whatever is going on in the company.

Think like a customer

The management or the service provider has their own set of work process or ideas, but often these ideas don’t seem compatible with the needs of the customers. So to make sure you give them a satisfying experience, you need to think like them. Put yourself in their shoes to start thinking like a client. Ask question like what can be their need, what can bother them, which features would benefit them, etc. A customer will compare various other sites and find the best pocket friendly service, so give them what is affordable and beneficial.

Don’t ignore casual queries

A number of people leave a query on the contact page of the company’s website. Most of the companies do not pay attention to these queries whereas there is an immense possibility of converting these queries into potential clients. Open ways for your clients to contact you, build easy contact us page, put your address in Google map, and easy navigation on mobile sites too, and contact information on Facebook, Twitter and other important social network links. Sending a well written reply to the queries will make the customers feel valued and important.

Value your customer

Every customer has some good or bad things to tell about an outsourcing company. Remember, negative reviews are as important as positive reviews. Negative reviews help to learn the flaws in your work so that you can improve and make things better from next time onwards. Take time to read reviews and send appreciation to the customers. If they are unsatisfied ask them, in which way you can improve the quality of service. This will not only help to rectify yourself, but will allow valuing your customers as well.