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5 effective ways to build coworker relationships

We spend at least 9-10 hours with our colleagues, which is quite a lot of time. We develop strong relationships with our coworkers which not only makes us work in a friendly environment, but keep us from living a boring, dull and inactive work life. Working in an outsourcing company leaves you less time to chitchat with your coworkers, utilize the free time to build a solid relationship with them.

Use common courtesy- Ok so this is your first day at the office and you just entered the huge floor filled with unknown faces. The initial step of building relation is to greet people, saying “Hi” to everyone you pass by until you reach your desk. It will make you look amiable and your first step will leave some effect on your coworkers. Remember this is not your college hostel so you cannot just come up with “Hey whats up buddy” it will certainly make you look odd. Eye contact and referring people by their names is a positive step towards building cooperating relations.

Communicate- The best way to make friends within an outsourcing company is to talk and communicate. There are a number of ways to communicate, it is not necessary to talk over coffee break for an hour or so. Use emails, messages, instant messaging, or a voice mail to leave a note of appreciation or to give a reminder. It helps you establish a good connection, but also keep a note of people who aren’t very welcoming to such communications, bunch of mails, or messages cannot always fuel a relationship, hence do not try to over interact with people who don’t want such attention at all.

Appreciate and Respect- A great way to establish good relations with your coworkers is to appreciate their work. A small achievement also needs some appreciation; it not only encourages the coworker, but also establishes healthy relations with the teammates. Even it is a race win at the annual sports day celebration or overtime for a particular projects, appreciate your coworker’s efforts and make them realize how their efforts are benefiting the organization overall. Respecting acheter viagra others is also important, the workplace does not only consist of your team mates and evenly ranked people, people of higher ranks such as the manager, CEO, HR, shall be present in the office as well. Greet them and show them respect by using different gestures. Never let a person wait for you or waste anyone’s time, or interrupt between works.

Find a common interest- To strengthen the relationships find a common interest in the group of people you are dealing with every day. A common interest will help bind you, as you will have many similar things to talk about. If you and coworkers are interested in animals or bikes for instance, you can hang out together visit a dog show or go for a road trip with your bikes. This will help you to remain connected with them even after office hours.

Help each other- Any workplace is not free of politics and bad people, in a business outsourcing company everyone is running in a race, which they want to win. So in order to survive, help those who are helping you. Make friends with a limited number of people and the best way to play it safe is by maintaining a legitimate distance so that you are neither too close to anyone nor fully detached.

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