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Email etiquette every professional should follow

A back office staff from a renowned business process outsourcing company said, email communication is much more secure as a proper document remains in both sender’s and receiver’s mail address, which can be referred in case of any emergency. In addition, it is easy to send a notice to hundreds of people in a single click at the same time it reduces the cost of the paper used for sending notification or letter to different departments.

A number of mails are sent or received every day, one need to follow the basic email etiquettes for sending emails in a proper way.

  • A clear and precise subject line- People get a number of emails every day, promotional mail, sales mail, reminder mails, most of them, which they skip, reading. You surely do not want to lose the attention of your recipient. A clear subject line like “Meeting date changed”, “ Meeting postponed”, “Important proposal” should be written so that the recipient could understand easily and don’t skip the email.

  • Use work mail- Whenever you are sending an important email to any potential client or existing business partner or coworker always use your work mail. If you are working in an outsourcing company, it is not an exception to deal with foreign clients on a daily basis. So make sure the mail address you are using consist of your company’s name or your official name such as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

  • Use professional salutations- Salutations depend upon the relation with the person you are sending the email to. Do not use any lame expression such as “hi guys,” this explains informal expressions, which is not suitable for exchange of business information. It is not considered fine to salute with “Hi” or “Hello, also shortening of names like calling “Jonathan” as “John” or “Micheal” as “Mike” is really a bad idea.

  • Use proper writing style- Your writing style may mean a number of things. For example, people have a tendency to use quotations, exclamation marks, and lengthy sentence, which can make the write up very immature. If you are sending an email on behalf an outsourcing company, a number of foreign clients will be reading the email content make sure to use proper English.

  • Reply to mails- A proper reply to the mails counts as good conduct. Even if a mail is not sent intended for you, do not hesitate to write a short reply. It will help to establish a positive relationship with the sender.