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Outsource to India

Why Outsource to India

Tenet systems - outsourcing destination in India

With time India has emerged as the world’s hottest destination for outsourcing. It is the outsourcing hotspot of a number of IT and ITES services. India is recognized as one of the few outsourcing locations who offer several advantages and for that reason you “Outsource to India”.


How to be a good BPO employee

BPO Voice Process

BPO, or the Business Process Outsourcing the ever rising sector of employment for last 2 decades in South East Asia, especially in developing countries like China, India, and Philippines is becoming a revolving door for the job hunters. It is said that the sector has a nick name revolving door because more it is in taking people every month more it is losing people. The reason behind the scenario is many employees, cannot meet the demand of skill required for the sector and many others enriched with their several professional skills, cannot absorb the environmental demands. There exists a surrounding misunderstanding among the job hunters regarding the work culture in BPO sector.

Finance Accounting BPO

Finance & Accounting Outsource Service

Finance & Accounting Outsource Service– The leading KPO in India

Finance & Accounting BPO, FAO is a streamlined specialized job being outsourced to India in huge quantity. The trend is becoming more & more frequent to Indian BPO companies as most of the Banks, Investment firms, and Accounting firms are hurrying to outsource their services to India. As Indian BPO sector is specializing to KPO to focus on research oriented projects associated with specialized skills FAO has came to an automatic frequent choice to be outsourced to India. There are several advantages for outsourcing FAO projects to India as:

The very India Advantage! in BPO


Knowledge Process Outsourcing – a mark of economy for future

Knowledge Process Outsourcing Services

KPO or Knowledge Process Outsourcing is an extended conception of the process of outsourcing business activities related to core business information by attending a top-level analytical research & technical skill with a high degree of specialist trade expertise. As we define BPO or Business Process Outsourcing is the process of outsourcing a particular business activity to a third party service provider works as an agent or representative of the business owner, in one word, the KPO is a core BPO service, a sub-set with a concentrated research activity.

As an example,Finance or Account or Audit process outsourcing is BPO service, categorized under Finance BPO but when the project is derivative management for investment guide this is a finance BPO service but namely considered as KPO.


Why you choose ‘Tenet Systems’ as your BPO vendor

Business Processing Outsourcing service provider

Quality in BPO : In a business process outsourcing, the quality of the service is most important criteria. In tenet, we are very much careful about the quality of our end product in our BPO services. There are several parameters in each step for quality checking. We train and educate our associates the way they would keep the quality prior in mind. Our Project Managers and Q/A believe rather in 100% accuracy, not a bit less than that; because we hate to keep phrases like “percentage grace in accuracy” in our dictionary.