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Tenet Systems Pvt. Ltd is one such business process outsourcing company in India that has a strong backbone of a reliable, knowledgeable and efficient workforce together with great adaptability, technology-wise to meet the dynamic service delivery environment of an outsourcing company. It boasts of an excellent track record of positive feedback from its clients for kpo, bpo service and has seen only an upward trend ever since its inception.


The company deals in various projects internationally with their services where some of the important ones are :



(1) BACK OFFICE SERVICES: Today's age largely depends on information technology. Major part of office work gets done by its back office division with adequate help of virtual assistance. In any recognized IT sector Back Office is normally located away from the company headquarters. The back office services mainly help in:


Maintaining the record of the sales transactions

• Update the inventory as needed by the company

• Invoices, receipts and records handling

• All types of data management services

• Keeping track of all banking accounts and transactions

• Helps in Clearance and Settlements of project or issues


Almost all sorts of back office operations can be outsourced and works can be completed without any compromise. Apart from the above mentioned jobs, back office outsourcing services also help in -


Tenet Systems Pvt. Ltd being a successful business process outsourcing company for the last so many years, it has been handling


Monitoring bank accounts for bookkeeping issues

• Complete handling of payments against purchase and sell

• Calculating commissions for the vendor management

• Collecting debts and settling such related issues

• Verbal business dealings for financial matters

• Real estate and mortgage related finance issues


We have been assisting finance companies in making deals. In a way, Tenet Systems Pvt. Ltd helps its clients feel assured about its asset and money as our company takes its client’s financial safety as its first priority.


(3) SURVEILLANCE SERVICES: In today’s world, in order to survive and live a safe and hassle free life, one has to safeguard one’s own asset. The only way to do that is by Surveillance and it can be of two types:


Physical surveillance

Virtual surveillance


Tenet Systems can guarantee its clients with a full proof virtual surveillance with the best of equipment provided. The surveillance offered by us will be high tech with 24*7 customer service.


(4) VIRTUAL ASSISTANCE: Tenet Systems Pvt. Ltd is one of the best business processes outsourcing company in India that has the perfect talent and mixture of outstanding, knowledgeable and efficient workforce to meet the various needs arising in an IT industry. Our virtual assistance service covers -


Providing voiced customer support

Financial transactions related issues

Booking appointments

Making reservations

Managing correspondences and communication


So for all kinds of assistance related tasks feel free to contact Tenet Systems has the ability to manage all at one goes purely due to its efficiency and professionalism. Our virtual assistants can handle most versatile tasks in order that the business owner can get most work done despite being in a totally separate location. Warranted reliability and hourly updates to match up our top-of-the line and readily available virtual assistance services are some of the advantages of hiring our virtual assistants.


We at Tenet Systems Pvt. Ltd provide our personnel with cutting edge technologies and enable them to work in a state-of-the-art environment so that they can deliver quality output for all sorts of knowledge process outsourcing (kpo) and business process outsourcing (bpo).


We ensure that our customers receive world class facilities once they outsource their business processes to us. Tenet Systems is committed to all its clients to meet the requirements being a business process outsourcing company in India.