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In today's competitive world, everyone tends to cross the laps faster than others, by hook or by crook. But if someone thinks of crossing you in a narrow way, it can be proved harmful for you. That is why best surveillance service is needed if you think of securing your loved assets or loved ones. Be it your business or your office or your home; to provide you complete hassle free surveillance, Tenet Systems is there with its bird's eye with a "you cannot see me but i can see you" attitude.

All the extreme portions of every part of life depends on technology broadly today. Surveillance is not an exception. There is always two types of surveillance:


  • Virtual surveillance
  • Physical surveillance


We would rather say that virtual surveillance is much more effective as :


  • This system saves pictures and videos taken by closed CCTV through IP or internet protocol
  • It assures you highly effective 24x7 surveillance
  • It allows stupendous group of experienced people to work for you
  • surveillance service is highly affordable and practical


Tenet Systems never grumbles about the brand of CCTV to be installed, neither about the area to get observed. All we care about your security in a multi-functional way from our end. Tenet Systems being a reliable virtual surveillance provider always thinks of making its clients acquainted with the famous saying "NEVER THINK YOU'VE SEEN THE LAST OF ANYTHING".


Selecting Tenet Systems as your 24x7 surveillance service provider in Kolkata, India you rest assured that your security is not to in the hands of some tom dick or harry. You are always at freedom in selecting the services process:

  • You choose the brand of your cams and microphones and other equipments
  • You can have your say on hiding surveillance system
  • It is your say to mark the suspected persons or situations to secure assets
  • You can choose time of surveillance or can have 24 hours surveillance
  • Selection of smart people or the number of specialists will be at your will
  • You decide the delivery model of report - through technical gadgets or web link
  • You enjoy absolute freedom on controlling the pricing of surveillance procedure


So what are you waiting for? Simply contact us when you are in search of the best surveillance services. Tenet Systems is 24 hours at your service to help in every possible way. What you exactly need is make a call or drop a mail regarding your need. We will be happy to help you in every possible way.