We at Tenet Systems provide our personnel with cutting-edge technologies and enable them to work in a high class work environment for business process outsourcing. It enables them to deliver quality output. Plentitude of options for relaxation and entertainment is available for the employees. At the same time, we ensure that our customers receive world class BPO and KPO service infrastructure once they outsource their business processes to us. Let’s see how Tenet Systems meets the requirements to be a world class bpo or kpo service in India.

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Infrastructure for BPO and KPO company Facilities include:

  • Office space – approx. 3500 Sq. ft
  • Training Room with audio, video and desktop computers
  • HR/Admin Room
  • Cafeteria, Medical and Rest Room
  • Lobby and Lawn
  • Pickup and drops for all employees
  • Physical security

Technology: By using high definition hardware devices and latest technologies we help our clients get all the technical benefits of recent times and the employees get the chance to master the devices and technologies of the day.


Our technical features include:


  • High definition devices and software
  • 100% power back up from UPS
  • Captive Generators
  • Adequate redundancy in Media, Network, Power and other critical components
  • Physical, network, media and logical security

Connectivity: Our contact center is equipped with up-to-date hardware devices that enable us to stay in touch with our clients 24×7. Power back up and own captive generators help us remain live during power failures.


Our connectivity relies on the following features:


  • VPN Connectivity with client
  • 100% power back up from UPS
  • Captive Generators

Business Continuity: At Tenet we have implemented the Business Continuity model that best fits the BPO segment. Strategies and management policies are applied at various levels of business processes and are changed with the extent of complexity. All the subsets of business continuity are taken care of efficiently.


Our business continuity model includes:


  • Non Voice – 30 seats
  • Capacity to grow -100
  • Disaster Recovery
  • 100% Power Backup
  • Adequate redundancy

In this way we make it sure that the clients work get successfully completed. Our dependable infrastructure made it possible for deliver quality personal virtual assistance and back office services in Kolkata, India along with other bpo and kpo services. So the moment you have a project to outsource, think only one name Tenet Systems Pvt. Ltd.