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Generate Leads Daily With Email Marketing

Email marketing empowers you to follow up your customers as well as prospects. When you are sending a customized follow-up message to the previous buyers informing them about a new product or service updates, they feel special. This simple step can help you to earn loyalty and increase your brand image. Besides, a customized email to potential customers can drive targeted traffic to your store and help increase your ROI. When an average person checks his inbox 3 to 4 times in a day, on his/her Smartphone, it is difficult to deny the power of email marketing.

Is your Email Marketing service provider limiting your chances?

Most of the entrepreneurs who are using third-party services for Email marketing have limited reaches. Limitations that are caging your dream-

Cry Limited Subscriptions

Cry Limited Emails

Cry Limited Templates

Cry Limited Budget

If you are experiencing any of these limitations, then it is time for change

Give Wings to Your Business with Unlimited Email Marketing Opportunities

Laughing Unlimited Subscriptions

Laughing Unlimited Emails

Laughing Unlimited Templates

Laughing Reasonable Budget

Check the Best Email Marketing Plans by Mass Mail-

Monthly Plan/Top Up

Only INR 900/m
  •  Drive personalized mail right to the inbox, track your delivery status and everything else with Mass Mail Automation Software. Pay only INR 900/month for -
  •  Unlimited Subscribers
  •  Unlimited Templates
  •  Real Time Report
  •  Scheduled Mail

Premium plan

INR 30000
  • Engage your customers constantly through unlimited mails, schedules and custom-made templates. Forget monthly subscription, Forget limitation. All unlimited plans with one time set up cost. Spend only INR 30000 and break all constraints for the rest of your life…! Here is what you get:
  •  Unlimited Subscribers
  •  Unlimited Mails
  •  Unlimited Templates
  •  Real Time Report
  •  Scheduled Mail
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Custom Plan

for Complete Marketing Solution
  •  For start-ups, avail customised email marketing software with own branding and server facility. Just contact us and get a custom plan.