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Introducing ‘Prayas’- An Initiative to Build Up Confidence among Employees for Public Presentation

Every one of us works sincerely. But while we represent ourselves on papers, have we ever met with a situation where representing our thought or idea publically has become necessary? There are some specific type of jobs where facing public directly is a part. But think about situations where your job demands facing or addressing public all in a sudden! What will you do if you have no such experience before! Well, every employee at Tenet Systems never hesitates to face public/corporate presentation as they regularly attend Power Point Presentation (PPT) sessions every week. In each session one of the employees presents his/her voice to the rest in the most convincing manner to establish the topic of discussion. The ultimate goal of the session is to bring confidence in individual. Tenet is preparing Tenetians ready to challenge their competitors in professional and social life.

7th Anniversary Celebration – Acknowledgment to the Efforts of Tenetians

Tenet systems celebrating 7th Anniversary

Every year passes and leaves lots of memorable moments behind. This 2013 has brought us to the 7th anniversary of our journey as one of the leading BPO and IT service provider from Serampore, West Bengal. We are proud to become a cause of jealousy to our competitors against our considerable success in gaining foreign business. We ever try to share our success with the entire Tenet family and this time the celebration was on birthday (7th August) 2013.

It’s natural that the entire Tenet family would be sharing this moment of joy on the evening. But the management thought to make the celebration bigger. The small evening ceremony turned into a bigger celebration with guests from different sphere of the society. We were delighted to have the presence of Mr. Bechram Manna, ministry of land &land reforms for Government of West Bengal and other dignitaries. They were given their due respect and reception. They were also given stage and asked to enlighten us of the growing trend of IT industry in West Bengal. We were happy to know about the contribution of small and growing companies like ours in the economical growth of Bengal.

5th Anniversary Celebration – milestone towards becoming #1 BPO company in India

BPO and virtual assistant service provider Tenet systems 5th Anniversary Celebration

Now it is 5th year of our journey. For every company it is very much crucial to cross the first five springs toiling the tough completion. We are happy that we have just crossed 7th August 2011. Our joy knows no bounds while we were together in the celebration. We never knew that passing these 5 years could bring so much joy that few of us found tears in their eyes!

Whatever, to keep this special day scribed in our memory, the Tenet management awarded every Tenetian with a memento for the occasion. It was a small token of appreciation for hard work, nay the smart work and dedication offered to bring Tenet System Pvt. Ltd at this level of successful survival. We are concerned with the word ‘survival’ as we have seen that innumerous BPOs in Kolkata going missing. In that stand point we are not only surviving, we are growing at rapid speed.